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Etimos believes in sharing information across professional boundaries. Here are a number of links to relevant professional societies.

Association for Project Management (APM) 
Institute of Risk Management (IRM) 
IRM SIG for Innovation, Value Creation and Opportunity (IVCO) 
Risk Management Specific Interest Group 
British Computer Society (BCS) 
Operational Research Society 
Corporate IntegrityAt the risk of giving publicity to a competitor, this site is worth a look as it offers the most comprehensive holistic approach to ERM (outside of our own of course). Michael Rasmussen has developed the concept of Governance Risk Compliance (GRC) to deliver this comprehensive view.
Risk Management in Search of ExcellencePaper by Steve Charters presented to APM Risk SIG 2004.

Programme Management Institute.

Programme Management Institute (PMI) Global SiteThe PMI is based in the USA but has branches throughout the world.
PMI UK Chapter 
PMI Greece Chapter 

Etimos believes in giving credit to others for their contribution. The following have been great supporters during our setup phase.

The Risk DoctorDavid Hillson has been an invaluable source of advice and encouragement, and also of challenging debate.
WildigWebMartin Wildig created this website.
FFT - 21st Century HR SolutionsChris Rawlins helped get with advice in getting Etimos up and running. FFT is the HR Outsourcing Consultancy set up by Chris in 1999. It delivers: Recruitment Campaign Management, Retention and Career Development and Outplacement.

And finally, Etimos believes firmly in getting the balance right between work and fun.

RiskBitzRiskBitz is a humorous newsletter that takes an irreverent look at risk management practice.
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